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Design Service

Proper lighting of your home is one of the easiest and safest ways to provide lasting beauty and security to your house.

Outdoor Lighting uses a variety of different fixtures, styles and technics that bring to light your home. Lighting ‘softscape’ (trees, shrubs, plants and lawn) can add aesthetic beauty to your home and that extra dimension which makes your property look more stunning and pleasant at night. Lighting ‘hardscape’ (driveways, pathways, walls, fences, waterfalls and pillars) adds beauty and security and help guide the individual to locations on your property that you want them to use at night. And of course, the lighting on your home adds safety, security and style. It also allows you to complete “the look” and light the areas that need illumination.

Indoor Lighting brings an entirely different set of issues and options. What size should my dining room table light be? Should I use a hanging pendant light? What about that chandelier - what style should it be and should I put it on a dimmer? Do I use LED or nostalgic bulbs in that fixture? Interior lighting reflects your lifestyle and proper lighting makes yourself, your family and your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Knowing what to light may seem easy, however, knowing how to lighting it properly and cost effectively may sometimes be a challenge. With all the new technologies in lamps (LED, florescent, halogen and incandescent) and properly choosing a 120 volt and or 12 volt system and fixtures can seem daunting.

We here at Hometon Interiors and the Outdoor lighting Company have been servicing the residential and commercial industry with interior and exterior lighting design and consultation services for over 25 years. We analyze your property and your needs and complete a list of fixtures that work within your budget. Our on staff Landscape Architect can prepare detailed lighting plans which can be used by yourself or your contractor and electrician and allows you to get an overall feel for the lighting concept. This plan can also be used to help price out an installation job, so that those who bid on your work all price their services for the same installation.

So if you have any questions or would like find out more about our Lighting Design Services – give us a call at 1-800-652-5105 or email us at

It would be our pleasure to speak with you and discuss services in more detail.

For more lighting hints and ideas reference our Style Guide